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Dive into the exhilarating world of Sports Heads Football Championship, where over forty national teams await your selection. Choose your home team or opt for a thrilling international experience with a team from another country. After team selection, dive into the game mode selection, and once the player choices are finalized, the match kicks off.

After selecting the team, some characters are locked in the player selection. To access these characters, you must score goals in matches and collect the rewards you win. You can also unlock these characters when you collect enough rewards.

Four-Player Showdown: Aim for Championship Glory

Embark on a four-player tournament, aiming to emerge as the ultimate champion. Your mission: guide your oversized-headed footballer to score goals against the opponent's net. With a 90-second match duration, the clock is ticking. Score more goals than the rival team before time runs out to secure victory and advance through the tournament.

Strategic Choices: Harness Superpowers for Victory

Beyond skillful play, success lies in strategically collecting superpowers that appear on the pitch. These special abilities, including enhanced jumping and powerful shots, can turn the tide in your favor. Timing is critical as you grab these power-ups and utilize them strategically to outmaneuver the opposition.

Also, playing good defense can sometimes win the match. Because the game is a physics-based football game, it needs to be clarified where the ball will go. That's why you should think very carefully when acting with your character.

Where Big Heads Score Big

Sports Heads Football Championship delivers football excitement with oversized-headed characters, intense matches, and strategic power-ups. Choose your team, strategize your plays, and aim for championship glory in this dynamic HTML5 football game. Immerse yourself in the thrill of the Sports Heads Football Championship and prove your prowess on the virtual pitch!

How to Play Sports Heads Football Championship?

You need to use the direction arrow keys to move your football player character. The up arrow key makes your character jump in the air and you can shoot with the Space key.

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